GLP Toxicology

We offer the most cost effective, quality preclinical services for GLP toxicology studies in the industry. Period.  Request a quote to compare for yourself.

Experience supporting over 30 IND-enabling programs submitted to the FDA.

Project management

We support you through the preclinical drug development process by managing each detailed task, coordinating vendors and insuring filings are done correctly and on time. FACT: An average IND-enabling program has over 2,800 tasks.

GLP Toxicology and safety studies

Advancing Drugs

experienced professionals

Our team Has specialists in


preclinical safety, GLP toxicology, formulation & Synthesis.

Expert Consulting

We have experience bringing more than 30 drugs through IND-enabling studies and to IND submission. Gap analysis offered for a flat rate fee.

API synthesis & Formulation

We have expertise in scaling up manufacturing processes to generate drug test articles for IND-enabling studies and clinical trials.  We also have significant experience addressing bioavailability issues and insoluble compounds.

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Preclinical Services for drug development

Preclinical Services

GLP Toxicology, DMPK, Formulation, API Synthesis (preclinical CRO Services)

​regulatory Strategic Plan, Gap Analysis, GLP Toxicology Study Design (Consulting Services)