GMP Grade Benzocaine

We provide quality API synthesis material and processes at a competitive price.  We provide quality manufacturing of Benzocaine suitable for developing pharmaceutical under FDA guidelines.

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Quality Benzocaine API

Benzocaine supply (drug master file available)

Quality Benzocaine api

We provide quality benzocaine API for the manufacturing of phamaceutical grade drug products.  A Drug Master File  (DMF) is available in addition to quality assurance audits required by the FDA.

Quality Benzocaine manufacturers have been difficult to find for companies with Benzocaine products on the market.   We oversee all the quality and stability testing on all product received from our overseas manufacturer and re-issue a CoA (Certificate of Analysis) for all product being supplied.  This means you can purchase Benzocaine from a U.S. manufacturer and not have to deal with the issues associated with purchasing and verifying quality with overseas manufacturers.   We offer manufacturing of up to 2 kilograms at are U.S. facility and for large quantity, we have a quality overseas manufacturer.

Having a Drug Master File (DMF) available is one of the biggest challenges companies producing Benzocaine products are currently having.   We can provide the DMF and CoA for all purchases of Benzocaine from our U.S. based API manufacturing site.

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