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          preclinical consulting

  • Pre-IND Meeting Support
  • Preclinical Regulatory Assessment
  • Preclinical Program Design
  • Toxicology Study Design
  • Drug Safety Program Design

preclinical consulting

We provide a variety of preclinical consulting services to our clients at flat rate fees:  Preclinical Regulatory Assessment, Preclinical Toxicology Strategy, Pre-IND Meeting strategy & support,  Preclinical Study Design and Optimization, Preclinical Project Management and Preclinical CRO vendor selection.  

An initial strategic assessment report can be conducted at a flat rate of only a few hundred dollars to provide you with a gap analysis and point out potential red flags or missing discovery studies based on your molecule, formulation and indication.

Our highly experienced preclinical consultant has decades of experience navigating the regulatory process for IND submission with the FDA and has provided preclinical consulting for small biotech as well as large pharma.

Call today for a no cost preclinical assessment or to discuss your preclinical consulting needs.

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